TSS #3

Uggggggghhhhhhhh. I am well done right now. I have zero motivation to finish this assessment. I have less then two days left to finish everything and I know I will get it done but I just no desire to do so! I have been reading the regular updates of my classmates about how they are going with this assessment and it is absolutely crazy the amount of resources they are creating. Like I think creating lots of resources can be good, but I have always been about the minimalist approach of minimal resources and using what you would be able to find in a generally in a music classroom. Creating a iBook is all well and good, but if the students don’t have iPads or Macs, then it is a bit of a waste of time. I do like programs that you can use in the browser for this very reason, they don’t limit you in what you can do and what the students can access. I think creating resources that can only be used in a specific location on a specific device is also a bit pointless, and dare I say it, backwards. Education has gone open, lets keep it that way.

Time to get an update on my assessment so far. I have decided to change the unit of work to focus on Ulpirra by Ross Edwards, instead of Thou Shalt by Naomi Crellin as I was having trouble getting hold of a score for Thou Shalt. I have found pieces that I will study in this unit of work to supplement studying Ulpirra. They are: Hungarian Dance No. 5 by Brahms and Six Dances in Bulgarian Rhythm by Bartok. I have chosen these as they provide good content for concept study in the areas of PitchDuration, and Structure. Studying these in detail will enable students to understand PitchDuration, and Structure material presented in Ulpirra.

Now that I have given you a quick update on my UOW plan, it is time for me to sit down and write it. Hopefully, next post will be an update on how I have finished my UOW!!!


Reflections Week 1B Tech – 30/07/15

Yea so technically up to week two of content now, crazy times. Today in Tech Mus. we looked at using sequences and stuff like that. We looked in particular at GarageBand, mainly because the Con has Macs so it was easy to use that. I have used GarageBand before and would consider myself pretty proficient at using GarageBand. However I learnt some new stuff which was really cool. In particular learning how to make our own loops and sharing them with students and stuff was really cool. I also learnt what/how to quantise stuff so that was pretty cool. James also showed us some off the other sequencing software out there, particularly on PC, unfortunately we didn’t get to test those programs out though. Out of all the programs or software that we looked at, I think GarageBand definitely looks the best and I know that the version of GarageBand is definitely a lot more user friendly then the older versions. If I had to rate it I would definitely rate it about a 7 out of 10. Anyway, this was a good lesson.