Reflections Week 1B Tech – 30/07/15

Yea so technically up to week two of content now, crazy times. Today in Tech Mus. we looked at using sequences and stuff like that. We looked in particular at GarageBand, mainly because the Con has Macs so it was easy to use that. I have used GarageBand before and would consider myself pretty proficient at using GarageBand. However I learnt some new stuff which was really cool. In particular learning how to make our own loops and sharing them with students and stuff was really cool. I also learnt what/how to quantise stuff so that was pretty cool. James also showed us some off the other sequencing software out there, particularly on PC, unfortunately we didn’t get to test those programs out though. Out of all the programs or software that we looked at, I think GarageBand definitely looks the best and I know that the version of GarageBand is definitely a lot more user friendly then the older versions. If I had to rate it I would definitely rate it about a 7 out of 10. Anyway, this was a good lesson.