Reflections Week 1A Comp – 31/07/15

This day was a Friday. It was a nice day outside and being stuck inside for 2 hours was the last thing I wanted to do. However, in this comp mus. lesson we looked at the creative movement and looked at the history surrounding that. It was really interesting to see a shift in that time from performers informing how music is taught to composers sharing and informing how music is taught, and in particular how composing is an important part of the music classroom. I found it very interesting looking at the history of significant composers and music people through the ages and their comments on what is essential, particularly the notion that composition was the way you would know if a student understood music and how it all worked. I also remember (at least I hope the two that I write are actually the ones that were stressed) that two words were stressed which I will endeavour to remember when I teach composition in the classroom. They are “model” and “small steps”. What I mean by those are: always model everything, don’t expect children to just be able to do without guidance or modelling of some kind. This is were small steps come into it. Don’t leave out the middle steps, plan all the little steps, for those small steps will make the process a lot easier.