Reflections Week 2A Tech – 03/08/15

Well today was a lesson in using Sibelius, a notation software. Having grown up on Finale (another notation software) it was a good lesson in learning new software. From the outset, I am really impressed with Sibelius. It seems a lot more user friendly then Finale, but that just could be because I am using an older version of Finale (about 3 years old now) and the version of Sibelius we were using was one of the latest editions. I think that something that contributed to me being impressed by Sibelius was the fact I was being taught by a guy who worked in tech support for Sibelius for a number of years and actually wrote the book on how to use and learn how to use Sibelius. I was really impressed at the shortcuts, and the ease of entering in notes. I was also really impressed about how easy it was to create a worksheet on Sibelius. Making a worksheet can be really fiddly and I have often found messing with layout of the score is really hard on Finale, but on Sibelius it was really easy. All in all I think I am a convert to Sibelius, although considering how expensive it is I probably will stick with Finale for the time being.