TSS #4

Well, it has been an interesting 24 hours. These are some things that have happened:

  1. My computer randomly stopped working so I restarted it, and when I restarted it, I went to open Word and keep working on this assessment. Unfortunately all the work that I had done hadn’t been saved. So I had to start all again. Luckily through writing a lot of it up on here, my blog, I was able to quickly get back to were I was before I lost it all.
  2. I got the 6 detailed lesson plans done last night.
  3. I am just finishing off completing the 6 lesson plans.
  4. I am feeling pretty good about it.

I currently feel like I am on the home stretch right now, I feel like the majority of the hard work  is done and now it is all the easy stuff to go. The only problem is that all the small stuff is really irritating and some what time consuming to do. Currently the things I have left to complete are:

  • Create resources
  • finish of the fine detail for my Unit of Work
  • continue blogging

This may not seem like much, but it will be time consuming. Look out for another post tonight!!!!


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