CME Task 3 Update

Well, I haven’t written in a while and I feel like I’m going to get marked down for that :/ But it is really hard constantly updating my online presence. This is meant to be a reflection of my composition process with lots of entries and stuff, but if I can be honest, I literally composed my entire piece in about 12 hours split over 3 different days. I also haven’t really had time amongst all the honours work that I had to do, but I will enlighten you to where I am up to so far.

2ish weeks ago I started composing my synthy arrangement of ‘Serving Maids Holiday’ into a different genre as per my composition task set out in my iBook that I created for CME task 2. From there I made about a 20 bars worth of material to present to my lecturer James, just so I didn’t loose 10%.  Then I did no work on it for a week, mainly because life and other assessments. Then the Friday a week later I woke up early and did up to 2minutes worth in about an hour and a half. Then I did no more work on it till the Saturday after that (3 days ago) where I finished it off in about 4 hours.  So I currently have a finished product, but I still need to master it and do the finishing touches. I will not write about hat here so watch out for the next one!!


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