CME Task 3 Update

Ok so today is Monday, and I have just finished the score which is the best!!! It was a stressful day as I had started the score but then my computer crashed and I lost all the work I had done.  When you listen to my finished composition ( and look at the score that you can download for free here ( you will notice that what you hear and what you read are not the same. I know that this task is meant to be a HSC composition style thing but I did two compositions for my HSC so I don’t really need further practice on writing scores and such for a maker. So instead I thought it would be better to create a score that can actually be used in the classroom and as most classrooms do not have access to quality synth gear I decided to score my arrangement for a more achievable group at school. That is why my score has been arranged a bit like an Orff score and for Orff instruments.  If I loose marks because I have done this, I won’t cry, I just laugh,  because I know that I have created a resource for me to use in my teaching, which I think is rather more valuable then a score that is unusable and unachievable for most students.


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