TME – Monday 26/10

Today we did some we worked on our Negotiated Technological Project (NTP). I am working with Katherine and Jane and we went to the botanical gardens sat in the sun and discussed what we are going to do for our NTP. We decided we are going to do a video and compose and perform music live with the video when we present our NTP. We decided that our video will be about technology in society and the classroom today and that we would go around and interview and film members of the public.. Here are some of the questions that we came up for our semi-structured interviews:

  • How does technology benefit your life?
  • What’s the coolest thing you’ve seen technology do?
  • What role do think technology should play in the classroom? We’ve just been on prac in schools where every kid brings their own device and uses them every lesson. What do  you think of that?
  • What do you think the role of technology is these days?
  • Do you think technology is taking over the world?
  • Do you think tech is ruining real life communication and relationships?
  • Have you embraced technology or avoided it? WHY/WHY NOTE?

We decided that we will film on our iPhones as this would be something that school students would have access to and would know how to use. Pretty keen.


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