CME Task 3 Update

Ok so today is Monday, and I have just finished the score which is the best!!! It was a stressful day as I had started the score but then my computer crashed and I lost all the work I had done.  When you listen to my finished composition ( and look at the score that you can download for free here ( you will notice that what you hear and what you read are not the same. I know that this task is meant to be a HSC composition style thing but I did two compositions for my HSC so I don’t really need further practice on writing scores and such for a maker. So instead I thought it would be better to create a score that can actually be used in the classroom and as most classrooms do not have access to quality synth gear I decided to score my arrangement for a more achievable group at school. That is why my score has been arranged a bit like an Orff score and for Orff instruments.  If I loose marks because I have done this, I won’t cry, I just laugh,  because I know that I have created a resource for me to use in my teaching, which I think is rather more valuable then a score that is unusable and unachievable for most students.


CME Task 3 Update

So last post I talked about how I only finished my composition on Saturday.  Saturday afternoon I went to my friend Matt, who does sound engineering and all round boss at a mixing desk, to help me out with mixing my piece. Mixing is the process of blending all the individual tracks in a recording to create a version of the song that sounds as good as possible – the “mix”. The process can include: Balancing the levels of the tracks that have been recorded. Fine-tuning the sound of each instruIMG_1713ment or voice using equalisation

The photo to the left is Matt giving my piece a geeze. We used ProTools to mix. He also gave me some helpful tips on making sure I don’t get so loud that I am really close to blowing out the speakers as well with EQ-ing. All in all it was a productive day.

CME Task 3 Update

Well, I haven’t written in a while and I feel like I’m going to get marked down for that :/ But it is really hard constantly updating my online presence. This is meant to be a reflection of my composition process with lots of entries and stuff, but if I can be honest, I literally composed my entire piece in about 12 hours split over 3 different days. I also haven’t really had time amongst all the honours work that I had to do, but I will enlighten you to where I am up to so far.

2ish weeks ago I started composing my synthy arrangement of ‘Serving Maids Holiday’ into a different genre as per my composition task set out in my iBook that I created for CME task 2. From there I made about a 20 bars worth of material to present to my lecturer James, just so I didn’t loose 10%.  Then I did no work on it for a week, mainly because life and other assessments. Then the Friday a week later I woke up early and did up to 2minutes worth in about an hour and a half. Then I did no more work on it till the Saturday after that (3 days ago) where I finished it off in about 4 hours.  So I currently have a finished product, but I still need to master it and do the finishing touches. I will not write about hat here so watch out for the next one!!

CME Friday 30/10

Today we presented two minutes of our composition. Mine went really well and people enjoyed. James said if he didn’t cry in the final product then I have not done it justice, so pressures on I guess. The other main feedback was that to be careful to show skill to get into the top band of marking so that it is not too simple. Pretty keen to get it done!!!

TME Thursday 29/10

Today we had Rebecca, a masters student at the con present the first things that she had found in her research. These included things such as gamification and do games impact positively or negatively on learning. We then thought about the role of technology in the classroom and the role that it does/should play. James then finished the lecture off revising everything that we have learnt in TME this semester.

CME Tuesday 27/10

Today I went to the 9 o’clock class for the first time. It was very small and intermit but it was really fun. We looked at an Australian piece of music, I think it was called Fragmented, with Stage 6 Music 2 in mind. We then went through a worksheet that James had made and we composed our own piece based on the one we listened to. It was a pretty fun lesson.

TME – Monday 26/10

Today we did some we worked on our Negotiated Technological Project (NTP). I am working with Katherine and Jane and we went to the botanical gardens sat in the sun and discussed what we are going to do for our NTP. We decided we are going to do a video and compose and perform music live with the video when we present our NTP. We decided that our video will be about technology in society and the classroom today and that we would go around and interview and film members of the public.. Here are some of the questions that we came up for our semi-structured interviews:

  • How does technology benefit your life?
  • What’s the coolest thing you’ve seen technology do?
  • What role do think technology should play in the classroom? We’ve just been on prac in schools where every kid brings their own device and uses them every lesson. What do  you think of that?
  • What do you think the role of technology is these days?
  • Do you think technology is taking over the world?
  • Do you think tech is ruining real life communication and relationships?
  • Have you embraced technology or avoided it? WHY/WHY NOTE?

We decided that we will film on our iPhones as this would be something that school students would have access to and would know how to use. Pretty keen.