TME Monday 19/10

Well this is late but YOLO. Anyway, last week we looked at making synthesisers by building one ourselves. What we did is have a little pack and hooked up a battery to a oscillator to a speaker. Then we added other various things in to the circuit to make sound different. It was pretty cool. Then we looked at things like Attack, Decay, Sustain and Release and how they effect the sound on a synthesiser. We also looked at a drum machine which was pretty cool. I nearly forget to mention that we looked at sine, saw and square waves and how they change the sound that we hear. This lecture really helped me because I finally have started to understand how synths work and how to manipulate different sounds and waves. This is really exciting because I now understand how to manipulate the sounds that I use in GarageBand to exactly how I want it to sound and not just be staring blankly at a row of knobs that mean nothing much.


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