CME Tuesday 20/10

Today we looked at how to create a composition in stage 6 while pretending we can not read music. How we did this was by using a four fingered technique which involves using 2 fingers on each hand and just plunking them down onto the keyboard in a random orders to form chords. Then we had to right down 10 of these randomly formed 4 finger chords. Then we had to narrow these down to a series of 4 chords to form a verse and a chorus (4 chords for each verse and chorus). Then we had to perform these for people around us and then have them critiqued. From there we got into groups and played through a set of verse and chorus chords and started figuring out a melody and lyrics just doing some improvising and using newspapers and such. We then practiced this for about half and hour. Then we recorded our composition and then we listen to all the compositions at the end of the lesson. I think the four finger technique is pretty handy and I will definitely use this in my own teaching practice.


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