TME/CME Assessment Time

Well it is assesment time again. No longer can I sit in denial watching netflix and eating ice-cream pretending they are not there. Time to stand up, get up and start moving and getting things done, time to get my uni work back on track. I have been on holidays for the last two weeks and if you haven’t guessed I have been in denial about this assessment, in total between TME and CME this assessment is worth 80% which is a lot of percent. Pretty scary and it is due on Monday and I haven’t even really started and I am away this weekend and most of Monday so I guess that really only gives me today and tomorrow to finish this. YOLO. I have managed to start and I am planning out a series of lessons based around taking folk songs and putting them into a different genre or style. These two pictures show my initial thoughts and planning. They don’t look like much but they will hopefully turn into 4 lessons complete with resources and iBook. It will be interesting to see how these develop over the next 48 hours. At least Bachelorette and Survivor is on tonight and that will help relieve the stress a little haha. image1 image2


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