CME Friday 16/10

So today instead of having class we had to go and talk to James for 5 minutes about our composition. For my composition I have decided to do a synthy version of ‘Sky Boat Song’. This is based off my TME/CME iBook assessment composition task which asked students to take one of the four folk songs that I gave them and put it into a different genre or style. I was listening to a band called Kye Kye and they have done a really minty fresh version of the Christmas Carol Noel. Feeling inspired I decided to do something similar to Noel for my composition using Sky Boat Song. I am going to use GarageBand and its going to be sick!!!


TME Thursday 22/10

Today we looked at using drum machines more, particularly on iPads and how to use them there and there applications in the classroom. Thats about all I remember apart from watching some #inspirational videos by a guy who’s name I don’t remember haha. I need to get on that. Safe to say I was pretty inspired and agreed with most of what this guy said.

CME Tuesday 20/10

Today we looked at how to create a composition in stage 6 while pretending we can not read music. How we did this was by using a four fingered technique which involves using 2 fingers on each hand and just plunking them down onto the keyboard in a random orders to form chords. Then we had to right down 10 of these randomly formed 4 finger chords. Then we had to narrow these down to a series of 4 chords to form a verse and a chorus (4 chords for each verse and chorus). Then we had to perform these for people around us and then have them critiqued. From there we got into groups and played through a set of verse and chorus chords and started figuring out a melody and lyrics just doing some improvising and using newspapers and such. We then practiced this for about half and hour. Then we recorded our composition and then we listen to all the compositions at the end of the lesson. I think the four finger technique is pretty handy and I will definitely use this in my own teaching practice.

TME Monday 19/10

Well this is late but YOLO. Anyway, last week we looked at making synthesisers by building one ourselves. What we did is have a little pack and hooked up a battery to a oscillator to a speaker. Then we added other various things in to the circuit to make sound different. It was pretty cool. Then we looked at things like Attack, Decay, Sustain and Release and how they effect the sound on a synthesiser. We also looked at a drum machine which was pretty cool. I nearly forget to mention that we looked at sine, saw and square waves and how they change the sound that we hear. This lecture really helped me because I finally have started to understand how synths work and how to manipulate different sounds and waves. This is really exciting because I now understand how to manipulate the sounds that I use in GarageBand to exactly how I want it to sound and not just be staring blankly at a row of knobs that mean nothing much.

Finally Finished, TME/CME Assessment Update 4

Ok, finally managed to finish this thing. I create it with my year 10 class at prac in mind. They love singing and are good at singing in parts but can sometimes struggle to read music. I have managed to incorporate all three learning areas in to my lessons and I think this would be a fun set of lessons to try if my school actually had class sets of iPads. Here is the link to the dropbox were both the lesson plans and the iBook are.

Getting There, TME/CME Assessment Update 3

Well last night I made it to bed at 3:30am. Got some solid work done. Yay. Then I had a grand plan of waking up at 8 and getting lots of work done before driving back to Bathurst. That worked out really well, and when I say well I mean to say I actually woke up at 1:15pm and literally jumped out of bed and drove back home. I have just gotten back from that adventure but I have got some solid work done so I am feeling pretty confident. This iBook is shaping up well. Most of the main content is there it is just adding final touches.

TME/CME Assignment Post 2

So it is currently 12:14am the day this assignment is due and how much have I done?? Well I just finished editing the movie files, started the iBook and finished the lesson plans (mostly). Why have you left it so late you ask?? Well I was away this weekend on a retreat with a Christian group from uni so I didn’t get that much work done. However the night is still young and I am sure I can get plenty more done before the 4hrs of sleep that I am running on finally runs out. To make things even more interesting I have to drive to Bathurst tomorrow to take the car back and then travel back on the train to Sydney so I am ready to go back to practical experience on Tuesday. It should make for an interesting 18 hours haha.