TME reflections 10/8

Today we finished off how to edit video material. We used a program called ‘Screen Flow’ it was really cool learning all different stuff. First we learnt how to import, order and resize material so it all fits the same screen resolution. Then we learnt how to edit material so that we cut to a different shot. The first method that we learnt was literally cutting out chunks of material so you could see through the layer beneath and thus another shot. The other method was by creating an action and then turning the opacity down so you could see through that layer to the next one. Then James showed us how to make tutorials, using an in built webcam which was really cool. Then he showed us how to highlight things, annotate, show keystrokes, and zoom. I felt like a real pro movie editor afterwards. I would liken it to how a child feels after they do something that is amazing, an excitement of a child. Then we looked Ibooks and how to create different things in them which was pretty cool.


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