CME reflections 7/8

The start of this lesson we didn’t discuss compsition at all, instead we looked and discussed an article posted in ‘the daily telegraph’. The article discussed a schools treatment of assessment and how they approached it. As always the discussion turned to how getting rid of assessment is good/bad depending on your point of view, which i found hilarious as the article was talking about one school actually changing the name of exams and tests to tasks and stuff like that in the aim to make it less intimidating, or something like that anyway. I think it is interesting to note though that the reason this could be quite confronting is that we do not have as many schools doing radical things in the way they educate and so anything that is slightly against the norm is totally crazy. I also think it is interesting that in the literature there on ‘informal learning’ and ‘PBL’ etc there is little on how to use those methods and approaches with assessment, thus causing a lack understanding even with us young radicals about how we approach and understand assessment. Then we went on to look at how to scaffold compositions and the composition process, we did this by playing a piece as a class with James modelling to us how to do it and then we as a class lead the next one without James’ help.


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