Reflections Week 1A Comp – 28/07/15

Because I have been slack with this blogging reflection thing, I don’t heaps remember what we did this lesson. I do remember doing some Orff stuff that involved trains and track and stuff which was fun. Now that I am writing it is coming back to me (along with some help from blackboard haha). I remember that after doing Orff stuff with “Train Is Off The Track” we looked at some graphic score which was really cool. It was particularly cool as this graphic score was part of the opening of a children opera called “Kiravanu”. It was cool to see how to use graphic score to include students of different musical ability and how to use it to create a certain sound scape. We then went on to create our own graphic score in groups, depicting the end of the world in some form. My group tried to depict a zombie apocalypse. When it came to another group performing it, it actually worked out really well. We were all pleasantly surprised. All in all a interesting lesson.


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